LibreSSL: More Than 30 Days Later

Ted Unangst has posted an update on LibreSSL development. “Joel and I have been working on a replacement API for OpenSSL, appropriately entitled ressl. Reimagined SSL is how I think of it. Our goals are consistency and simplicity. In particular, we answer the question ‘What would the user like to do?’ and not ‘What does the TLS protocol allow the user to do?’. You can make a secure connection to a server. You can host a secure server. You can read and write some data over that connection.

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Web Software vs. Native Linux Software

Both Web-based software and Linux software offer significant costs savings. Is one actually better in the long term?

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Tor Executive Director Hints at Firefox Integration

The Tor anonymity network may soon expand to hundreds of millions of new users around the world as the software’s developers prepare to scale to a “global population.”

Several major tech firms are in talks with Tor to include the software in products that can potentially reach over 500 million Internet users around the world. One particular firm wants to include Tor as a “private browsing mode” in a mainstream Web browser, allowing users to easily toggle connectivity to the Tor anonymity network on and off.

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Facebook has Over 200 Open Source Projects on GitHub

Facebook. It’s one of the world’s most well-known tech companies and on the forefront of open source technology. Just take a look their portfolio of over 200 open source projects on GitHub.

In this interview with James Pearce, head of Open Source at Facebook, I speak with him prior to his talk at this year’s All Things Open conference in Raleigh. Earlier this year, interviewed Pearce when the social giant was nine months into the process of rebooting their open source presence. Things have changed a lot since then. Find out how in this exclusive interview.

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Distribution Release: CentOS 5.11

Johnny Hughes has announced the release of CentOS 5.11, the distribution’s final release in the 5.x branch: “We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CentOS 5.11 for i386 and x86_64 architectures. CentOS 5.11 is based on source code released by Red Hat, Inc. and it includes…”

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Scribbleton Has a Ton of Potential

Scribbleton is a very infant — as in alpha — release of an innovative note-taking app for Linux that provides cross-platform access with Windows and Apple computers. It creates a personal wiki for storing everything from quick notes to detailed checklists to outlines. It creates links between pages in Scribbleton. Think of this as an easy-to-use database to create links between words, phrases and pages. You can just as easily use Scribbleton to store snippets or volumes of text and quickly locate cross-referenced information.

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Fedora Might Try A New Scheduling Strategy For Its Releases

It’s no secret that Fedora has had a challenging time sticking to their release schedules for a long time. With taking care of blocker bugs, Fedora Linux releases tend to frequently slip — with Fedora 21 it’s about two months behind schedule and we’re just past the alpha stage. By the time Fedora 21 actually ships, Fedora 20 will have been at least twelve months old. However, a new release scheduling strategy might be tried starting with Fedora 22…

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Open Sourcing Automation Tools for Testing Linux Images on Microsoft Azure

Posted by Michael Kelley
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Open Source Technology Center

Microsoft has participated in the Linux community for several years now, contributing drivers for Hyper-V to the Linux kernel source code base, and then working with Linux distribution partners to incorporate those drivers into their distros. We’ve had great results in running a variety of Linux distros as a guest OS on Hyper-V and as a VM in Microsoft Azure, and our collaboration with SUSE has been a foundation for this work for many years.

Now we’re taking it a step further and open sourcing our test automation tools in a GitHub project, making it easy to validate Linux images for running in Azure. As noted in a recent blog post by SUSE, these test automation tools are Powershell, Python, and BASH scripts that allow Linux images to be tested for compatibility with Azure. 

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News: ShellShock: Bash unter Beschuss

Nachdem Ende der vergangenen Woche eine fatale Lücke in Bash gefunden wurde, häufen sich nun Meldungen über Angriffe auf betroffene Server. Denn gänzlich scheinen die Probleme in Bash noch nicht ausgestanden zu sein.

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